Help / Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ


When will my order be shipped?

Credit Card orders - Regular Service 5-7 business days; Express Servcie- 3-5 business days, bank transfers or cheques -  4-6 weeks


When will new editions and/or updates be issued?

Production timeframes are variable.  The best way to ensure you will receive an update is by either establishing a standing order or you can wait to receive a notification from us and order online at that time.  You can also verify on-line catalogue information and/or the eCommerce site to determine availability.


Can we receive an invoice instead of quotation?

Invoices are issued upon settlement of quotation. Prepayment is required


How can I obtain a quote?


Customers can now register online to obtain pricing information.


How do I find information/status about a refund?

All refund requests are submitted to our Finance Department for approval.  Once the approval is given, an email confirmation will be sent indicating that your refund was processed.


Will I receive a refund or back order for the missing items (for bank transfer and cheque payments)?

Yes, a refund will be issued by FIN for the items not received


How can I receive updates?

Automatic processing of updates is handled by setting up a standing order account or the customer can refer to the on-line Publications Catalogue and/or the supplements to the Catalogue to determine availability.  Updates information will also be generated automatically by this web-site for any items that you previously purchased and sent to the customer via email.  However, under this method, the customer will have to go online to this site and order.


How can I change my shipping/billing address?

This can be done by updating your user profile on the web site. 


How do I cancel my standing order? 

Cancellation of standing orders must be done in writing via e-mail to


What is the method and cost for shipping and handling?

All ICAO orders are shipped via designated ICAO courier services only.  Shipping and handling cost are a calculated amount as follows.  Reglar courier service - $25 minimum or 10% of gross order value greater than $250.  Express courier services - $35 minimum or 15% of gross order value greater than $250.


How do I renew my electronic subscription?

Subscribers should set up a standing order account or prepare a new order on the eCommerce site once they receive notification that their subscription has expired.


What group do I subscribe to electronic publications?

Instructions are provided at the bottom of e-mail sent to the customer when they submit a request to create a new account on the ICAO portal


Does ICAO charge taxes?

No, ICAO does not charge taxes on items purchased.


Can we purchase or pick up the documents at headquarters?

Yes, ICAO has a sales counter located within its premises.


What is your refund Policy?

Refunds are for hard copy Publications orders only.  No refund will be given for CD-ROM's and/or individual electronic file purchases.  Customers have up to 30 days to request a refund in writing (email accepted) for an entire order and/or items purchased.  ICAO will charge a 25% restocking fee.  Buyer must pay the shipping costs to return the item(s) to ICAO.  Refunds will be processed upon receipt of item(s) returned.


Can I buy ICAO Publications from vendors other than ICAO?

Yes, see our list of resellers here


How do I become a reseller of ICAO Publications?

ICAO welcomes interested parties who would like to resell ICAO Publications/services.  To join our network of resellers, please submit a request to along with the name, full civic address, telephone and fax number, and email address of your business and the name of the contact person to whom we can communicate with.  Please note that a brief description of your customer base and promotion/marketing plan will expedite the approval process.  Please also note that discounting on reseller orders will vary on a case by case basis.