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My Memoirs - Assad Kotaite (hard cover)

“My Memoirs - 50 Years of International Diplomacy and Conciliation in Aviation”
By Assad Kotaite

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My Memoirs - Assad Kotaite (hard cover)

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Assad Kotaite – My Memoirs

Dr. Assad Kotaite, President Emeritus of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is one of the most prominent and respected figures in the world of civil aviation. A true leader and visionary, he served as Secretary General of ICAO from 1970 for six years and as President of the ICAO Council from 1976 for thirty years until his retirement in 2006. Created in 1944 in Chicago, United States, ICAO is the specialized agency of the United Nations for international civil aviation.

The preamble of the Chicago Convention, noting that international civil aviation can greatly help to create and preserve friendship and understanding among the nations and peoples of the world, guided Assad Kotaite throughout his long career. He constantly promoted cooperation and dialogue among the Organization’s now 191 Member States and within the world aviation community. He gained a well-earned reputation as a master conciliator and consensus-builder, steering global aviation through an increasingly complex, competitive and politically challenging environment.

Already the recipient of numerous honours and awards during his long tenure, in September 2013 Assad Kotaite received the highest honour in the world of civil aviation, the Edward Warner Award, from the Council of ICAO. This award is bestowed in recognition of outstanding contributions to the safe and orderly development of civil air transport.

In the fifth century BC, the great Greek philosopher Socrates said that “Man must rise above the Earth – to the top of the atmosphere and beyond – for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.” Assad Kotaite has written his Memoirs to give a personal and candid account of the great adventure of civil aviation and the human quest for self-understanding. His purpose was to avoid conflicts, to promote understanding, cooperation and friendship among States, and to be an architect of multilateralism.

Assad Kotaite’s My Memoirs gives the readers insight into his courage, patience and leadership in bringing people together for a common cause. He has provided a human face to the phenomenal adventure of flight and managed to provide the reader with a deep understanding of the importance of civil aviation in our lives. The lessons learnt may serve as inspiration for current and future leaders, professionals in the field of aviation and other areas, as well as any other interested readers.

The Assad Kotaite Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowship Fund

Revenues from the sale of My Memoirs will go to the Assad Kotaite Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowship Fund. The Fund acknowledges the importance of assistance and cooperation in the field of specialized aviation training. The objective of the Fund is to advance the safety and development of civil aviation by strengthening the capabilities of national civil aviation personnel through the provision of graduate and postdoctoral studies. The Fellowship Programme targets developing countries that are most in need of assistance in the area of aviation training. It is expected that the Fund will contribute to the enhancement of the capability of developing countries to implement ICAO's Standards and Recommended Practices. The Fund is managed by the Technical Co-operation Bureau of ICAO.

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